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Maverick u shape desk w/ BBF and hutch

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The "U" shape office desk with a box/box/file pedestal is a versatile and practical workstation designed to enhance productivity and organization in a professional setting.

The desk is shaped like the letter "U," providing ample surface area for various tasks while offering a comfortable and ergonomic workspace. It typically consists of a large main desk surface with two wings extending outwards on either side, creating an encompassing workspace that allows for easy access to multiple areas simultaneously.

Attached to one end of the desk is a box/box/file pedestal, which serves as a storage unit for office supplies, files, and personal belongings. This pedestal typically features three drawers: two smaller box drawers for stationery items, such as pens, notepads, and other accessories, and one larger file drawer for organizing important documents and folders.

Location: San Diego

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